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Sage UBS Software in a nutshell

Developed in 1988, Sage UBS software is currently the best selling  small business accounting software in Malaysia with more than 500,000 small and medium enterprise (SME) users and accountants. In 2006, UBS has become   wholly owned unit of The Sage Group plc, a leading supplier of business management software and services   to 5 million customers worldwide. We are one of the appointed UBS software dealer (Business Partner), UBS training centre as well as UBS software support centre in Klang Valley and Johor serving more than 2000 UBS software customers.

Majority of private and government vocational institutions, colleges and universities in Malaysia are using UBS Accounting as part of their practical accounting course to train the students on computerised accounting. Each year more than 10,000 students are taking UBS Software certification.

Of course, the well accepted features of the past are better enhanced and focus is put on usability and learning to make it even more simple to use our business solutions.